2020 Vision

To Celebrate 50 years of Fountain Hills!

On December 15, 1970 the world's tallest fountain rose above the Lower Verde River Valley for the first time. The fountain was envisioned as the centerpiece of the newest community of a region that had been home to different communities as early as 1,000 BCE. The Fountain is no longer the largest in the world, or even in the United States, but Fountain Hills is the largest community of the Lower Verde River Valley. To celebrate the 50th birthday of its hometown the River of Time Museum (RoTM) is creating a new museum experience for all residents, visitors, and communities of the

Lower Verde River Valley.

2020 Vision


The RoTM will completely remodel its existing space to improve visibility, accessibility, and usability in two phases between 2015 and 2020. While the renovations are underway, the RoTM will collaborate with existing and new community partners on a feasibility study on a larger, multipurpose heritage center.

Phase 1

We will create new access to our exterior space to hold regular outside: exhibits, events, and educational programs. We will also remove the exiting partitions and platforms, replacing them with modular components.  At the completion of this phase we will be able to change our content on a regular basis and accommodate more people.

Phase 2

We increase the interior space from 1,500sq feet to 2,000sq feet by removing existing offices and relocating staff space. The modular exhibit design continues, but in a larger space that can accommodate more people. The new inside space will allow us to create a new main entrance. The newly renovated River of Time will open to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Fountain Hills.

Phase 3

While the renovations are underway the RoTM will conduct a feasibility study to build a larger facility on the existing vacant space in the Cutillio Civic Plaza adjacent to the existing Library/Museum Building. A larger facility will become a new economic engine for the community greatly enhancing the Fountain Hills tourism experience and providing new jobs. The groundbreaking for the new facility will happen in conjunction with the 50th anniversary event and renovated River of Time.

Our Mission

From the time we opened in 2003 our mission has been to recount and preserve the captivating past of the Lower Verde River Valley and illustrate the vital role of water in our Sonoran Desert. We still want to have water be a featured and relevant topic. However, in order to but to reconnect with the community, demonstrate the range and depth for other topics we represent, and maximize our sources of income as a 501c (3) we needed a new mission that allows us to chart that path. On June 10, 2015 the Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt a new mission:

To engage, entertain, educate, and inspire people about the Lower Verde River Valley through relevant topics and experiences. Using the natural/social sciences of the region we preserve and interpret the past to understand the present, and promote future sustainability.

Ultimate Goal

To create a viable, appropriately sized and located facility that meets the needs of the three lower Verde communities. An entertainment and educational resource for residents and visitors alike that is an essential part of Fountain Hills, Yavapai Ft. McDowell, and Rios Verdes experience. This new facility will become an integral part of the region’s tourism economy and be a center of enrichment for the Lower Verde River Valley communities.